About Us

Intermediate Chemicals Company is the chemical manufacturing SBU of the Al-Suwaidi Holding Company (SHC), a Fortune 100 Saudi company comprising of 10 strategic Business units (SBU) employing over 15,000 people.

Arabian Zinc under Intermediate Chemicals Co. Ltd produces the highest quality zinc oxide and zinc dust through standardized operations management, efficient professional services and material control system.

The zinc oxide (French process) and zinc dust (Distillation process) factories with a combined capacity of 25,000 MTPA, located in the Jubail Second industrial City of Saudi Arabia, has a well established quality control laboratory and the most modern facilities to ensure consistent production of various grades of zinc oxide and zinc dust.

Zinc Dust factory, established in 2014 with the state-of-art technology uses the distillation method which gives perfect spherical shape, fine and controlled particle size ideal for zinc rich formulations.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of Arabian Zinc.

The Al-Suwaidi vision is to reduce import dependency and bring self-sufficiency in materials critical to the requirements of the industries in the Kingdom and the wider region of the Middle East. To achieve this vision, Arabian Zinc was established to explore such requirements by bringing in new technologies. The production facility for one such product, Zinc Oxide, came into existence in 1995 at Jubail Industrial City making it the largest in the region catering to the growing markets in the segments of ceramics, rubber, plastics, among others.

After considerable evaluation and, with excellent support from our valued customers in the coatings industry to whom we are extremely grateful, another milestone was achieved with the establishment of a world-class manufacturing facility to produce zinc dust by the distillation process. This state-of-art production unit, too, is the first of its kind in the region which has been set up in Jubail Industrial City under technology transfer and assistance agreement with an acknowledged leader in this process.

Substantial investments in a fully equipped laboratory for quality control and R&D as well as adoption of an Integrated Management System not only reflects our customer-centric focus but also stresses our commitment towards the environment, health and safety of our people and society at large.

I welcome you to explore and benefit from the opportunities presented by Arabian Zinc through its combined production capacity in excess of 25,000 MTPA

  • Khalid M. Al Suwaidi

    Khalid M. Al   Suwaidi
    (Chairman of the Board)

    Atif M. Al Suwaidi

    Atif M. Al   Suwaidi
    (Group M.D & Member of the Board)


Arabian Zinc has a sophisticated Quality Control Department for consistent quality control of incoming raw materials, in-process and finished products. The Quality policy is to achieve customer satisfaction worldwide with regard to the products and services offered by the Company.

Arabian Zinc endeavors to build Quality to ensure Zero-defect and continuous improvement in quality and services. Our team is ensuring continuous emphasis on:

  • Enhancing the quality awareness in employees by improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Incorporating state of the Art technology for design and development.
  • Inculcating Quality improvement at all levels including vendors.
  • Fulfilling committed Goals

The laboratory is well established with the latest versions of analytical equipments like:

  • Malvern Particle size Analyzer
  • PerkinElmer Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • Surface Area analyzer
  • Auto Titrator


Arabian Zinc (ICC) is always allied to and complies with the definition of Sustainability – “create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony that permits fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations”.

Our People – Diversity – Dignity
  • Our People make us what we are. Experts and trained professionals of different nationalities unite in Arabian Zinc as one family with team work, defining and differentiating us in the marketplace.
Eco Friendly
  • Upgrading of technologies for effective recycling, prevention of energy losses and reducing impacts on our surroundings.
Products - Commitment
  • Continual improvement on product development and in each stage of the operations to enhance the efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Entrepreneurship – Success – Society
  • Taking ownership of what we do for the success of the organization and well-being of the society.


As part of the core values of the Al Suwaidi Group, we are committed towards our social responsibilities through the integration of our strategic direction, product portfolio and activities with a focus to enhance the value of our people, society and the environment at large. The Al Suwaidi Group provides generous support towards education, healthcare and environmental schemes.


REACH is the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of chemicals in the European Union (EU). It entered into force on 1st June 2007. It streamlines and improves the former legislative framework on chemicals of the EU.

The main aims of REACH are to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, the promotion of alternative test methods, The free circulation of substances on the internal market and enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

Arabian Zinc will ensure continuous compliance with the regulations of EU and supports to the objectives of REACH.

Arabian Zinc has EU REACH registration for both products; zinc oxide and zinc dust.

Registration Number for Zinc Oxide : 01-2119463881-32-0124
Registration Number for Zinc Dust : 01-2119467174-37-0087

Being a responsible manufacturer, Arabian Zinc upholds all initiatives that ensure safer life and eco-friendly operations.